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The Importance of Professional Development

As a teacher, it is important to work on improving your practice. It benefits the students and in the long run, it helps the world. If you are equipped with better skills to help your students learn and use that knowledge in the real world, then you are making a difference.

It is said that those who can’t do- teach. I would say that in order to be a great teacher you need to create lessons that inspire and awaken. Lessons must be inspirational, they might help the world discover the new Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, Earners Hemingway or even Homer. The lessons should also awaken the senses, make students more in touch with the world and the lives of other people. Only in this way, will the teacher fulfill their task- leaving a better world for future generations.

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Therefore, I would strongly disagree with the notion that teachers are incapable of doing things. They are the ones who through their work and dedication open but do not mold the minds of many. Thus, working on improving teaching practice is essential.

IMG_5089.jpgGrade 6 students using a Thinking Routine to inquire about the lives of children from around the world

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Call for Action- Class Clean Up Project


Being a part of a community means that you need to contribute to it in order to make it better. As a homeroom/grade 6 teacher I have decided to organize grade 6 students to do a park clean up. I needed to coordinate with the school and the local park so that this project could happen. It is a great way for the students to show initiative and make a difference in the local community. Showing true collaboration skills in action was amazing to watch. Grade 6s invited the Ecovengers, a school group involved in helping the environment. Some primary students joined grade 6 in their call for action. It was inspiring to be there to witness how younger and older students work together in order to help the environment. They were carrying buckets of water in order to water the lilac trees that our school has planted a couple of years back. The two groups collected garbage and worked as a team. These young learners have shown that they are open-minded, caring young people and I am certain that with future generations like these, a brighter tomorrow awaits us.

What are some initiatives that have taken place in your school?

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Murder Mystery Class

Teachers are there to inspire students! They are there to challenge them and encourage them to be risk-taker, thinkers, open-minded individuals who are always looking for new solutions to old problems. Individuals who are creating a new and better world every day and who will lead the change.


The role of teachers might start in the classroom but the impact of their teachings goes beyond the walls of a school.

Therefore, I decided to challenge my students’ thinking skills and create a lesson that would inspire them. I asked another teacher for help. The teacher pretended to be a detective who was taking fingerprints from each student as they were entering the classroom. The students were shocked when they saw their teacher “murdered” on the floor. There was marked evidence scattered everywhere around the classroom. In each group, students were given an observation sheet where they had to collect evidence and use deductive thinking to solve the crime. One of the evidence on the crime scene was a book they have been reading in class. I tried to make connections with what has been done in the unit so that the lesson is meaningful and educational. At one point I came to life and was listening in on their conversations. They were using language related to the unit. Some interesting conversations started to happen and they ended up solving the mystery. I won’t tell you the answer to who killed Mrs. Z, but I will ask you to shoot me 🙂 an email in case you would like help with creating an engaging lesson like this. This lesson was a part of MYP2 Mystery Unit we were working on.

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